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Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has sensationally committed suicide during an otherwise mild and not particularly politically charged discussion on BBC One’s ‘The Politics Show’.

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The proposal to charge a £15 ‘victims levy’ to those who are given on-the-spot fines or fixed penalty notices is cheap. Not cheap in the ‘affordable’ sense, but in the sense of moral bankruptcy.

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I’ve always hated the word ‘Progressive’. Not so much because of what it means – I recognise that the current political zeitgeist is one which favours redistributive taxation and I am nothing if not somebody willing to be carried along by the wind of political fervour. No, I hate the term because of its disingenuity, because it is a policy which piggy-backs on a politically palatable word. When a politician claims to be progressive they are said to be in favour of ‘progress’, instead of wealth redistribution. If you’re not progressive, then society as a whole will not progress, so goes the logic.

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This piece will have little coherency, or indeed a point besides my searing anger at the bureaucratic mess that is ‘Student Finance England’. I just decided to compile a list of my pet hates in the form of a list of tips about a system that seems to infuriate all but the lucky few.

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Swine Flu

Kenyan medical services have gone on the alert following the development of its first swine flu case, as it was disclosed that a University of Nottingham student had been diagnosed with the disease while on a field trip to the African state. Read More »

Wind Farm

If you read the news over at, you may well already know that swine flu has spread from Nottingham to Kenya in a single bound.

Here in the west our instinct is to predict chaos, and at face value we may be correct. Kenya receives huge amounts of money through tourism, and is indeed a massive player in trade in Africa. Swine flu should be catastrophic, shouldn’t it? Read More »

Are you afraid?

Maybe you should be. The world, after all, is a dangerous place. We are constantly bombarded with news of a new impending catastrophe, and one could be forgiven for thinking that the world is more dangerous than it has ever been. Read More »